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This product group comprises both silicone fluids and greases.

POLY-DIMETHYL-SILOXANE fluids are available in several viscosities and also in the form thickened by inert silicaceous clay.  The thickener slows or stops the run-off of the fluid - resisting gravity.

The silicone greases are formulated to carry out different functions and vary by fluid viscosity and thickener proportion.

The silicone fluids (sometimes known as pure silicones) comprise main polymers of the elements SILICON and OXYGEN with organic (dimethyl) side branches.

Therefore they are mixed inorganic / organic polymers.

summary of products, their characteristics and uses:

Silicone Lubricants | Silicone Grease | Liquid Silicone

Silicone FluidsSilicone Fluids
These comprise silicone - polydimethyl siloxane fluids of a wide range of viscosities, to suit specialist uses such as TREADMILL LUBRICANT. press on subtitle above for product details
Silicone Grease LubricantsSilicone Grease Lubricants
silicone - polydimethyl siloxane fluids of different viscosities thickened with silica clays - press on subtitle above for product details

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