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Silicone Grease type with widest range of applications.

Lubricates metals rubbers plastics and other materials.

In plumbing use for push-fit fittings and on 'O' rings taps and valves.

Auto applications include brake steering and gear change components.

Domestic uses include uPVC double glazing and other sliding mechanisms that tend to jam eg drawers in furniture.

Excellent electrical insulation properties.

Meets water and food safety requirements.

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Silicone Grease | Silicone Based Lubricant | Grease Syringe

Silicone Grease 5ml pot x 100Silicone Grease 5ml pot x 100
Silicone Grease 10ml pot x 100Silicone Grease 10ml pot x 100
Silicone Grease 15ml pot x 100Silicone Grease 15ml pot x 100
Silicone Grease 20ml pot x 100Silicone Grease 20ml pot x 100
Silicone Grease 30ml pot x 50Silicone Grease 30ml pot x 50
Silicone grease now in 30ml plastic pots. This size and the 60ml size suit tool box kits for (eg) plumbing maintenance work.
Silicone Grease 60ml pot x 50Silicone Grease 60ml pot x 50
Silicone Grease 125g pot x 25Silicone Grease 125g pot x 25
Silicone Grease 400g cartridge x 1Silicone Grease 400g cartridge x 1
Silicone grease in white plastic cartridge suitable for conventional grease guns. 400g content weight.
Silicone Grease 500g pot x 1Silicone Grease 500g pot x 1
Silicone Grease 1kg pail x 1Silicone Grease 1kg pail x 1
Silicone Grease 2.5kg pail x 1Silicone Grease 2.5kg pail x 1
Silicone Grease 5kg pail x 1Silicone Grease 5kg pail x 1
Silicone Grease 10kg pail x 1Silicone Grease 10kg pail x 1
Silicone Grease 12.5kg pail x 1Silicone Grease 12.5kg pail x 1
Silicone Grease 7ml sachet x 50Silicone Grease 7ml sachet x 50
Silicone Grease 7ml sachet x 50

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