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Silicone greases are polydimethyl siloxane fluids of different viscosities thickened with silica clays.

They have high lubricity and their different component viscosities and compositions make them suitable for a number of tasks that don't suit other lubricant greases.

All have good dielectrical qualities. Test results are available on silicone E&V grease.
High electrical resistance is accompanied by good thermal stability and heat transmission.

Resistance to oxygen ozone and UV light is good - but they are are not for use in high oxygen pressure / content gas environments.

Operating temperature range is -40degC to +200degC.

Shear stress causes temporary loss of viscosity followed by recovery of structure and viscosity.  This quality is of use where there is need for lubrication or protection from dust, moisture, other / corrosive chemicals.

Silicone lubricant greases are used in a wide range of industries.  High water resistance / repulsion suits marine applications and both potable and non-potable water apps - from hatch covers on the largest ships to the domestic plumbing O ring.

Being among the most inert substances available means compatibility with most surfaces - metals - plastics - rubbers - leather &  glass.  They don't adversely affect plasticisers and elastomers and therefore are good lubricants for plastics and rubbers.  Hence their use in automotive brake, steering & gear mechanisms - both as a lubricant and for material protection.
These silicones are highly gas permeable (therefore a poor gas seal) and with low miscibility have limited capacity for additives.  Permeabiltiy suits certain medical applications.  Compressibility is high.

Our Standard and HT products are food and potable water safe and are both ideal plumbers grease - the second stiffer for greater resistance to high fluid pressures.  Low toxicity allies to lack of support for bacterial growth.  Other plumbing & water industry uses involve the easing of components in assembly- including small scale heating pipes, large water mains and building rainwater drainage parts.

Our Silicone Grease and HT SIlicone Grease are approved under UK water fitting bye laws as Basildon Chemicals 361 and 380S greases respectively).  The ingredients are approved by the US Food & Drug Administration for incidental contact with food where 'incidental contact' is defined as the smallest quantity needed to accomplish the desired technical effect on the food manufacturing machinery.
Examples of such uses include protective anti-rust film, release agent on gaskets or seals of tank enclosures and the lubrication of machine parts / equipment that are potentiallly exposed to food.

Silicones can be very effective release agents - applications including epoxy and polyester castings - and  good conditioning agents for mould surfaces.

All have translucent white colour.

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Silicone Grease E&V
This has a stiffer consistency than our standard silicone grease. Use for electrical applications where high dielectiric strength provides insulation; for valve and pump packings; for moving parts in process instruments experiencing wide temp range; and for ground glass joints and stopcocks under high vacuum conditions. press on subtitle above for product details
Silicone Grease HT
'High Tack' silicone grease has a soft and tacky consistency. Use for 'O' rings valves and taps under severe conditions of temperature and pressure. Easily used where there is a need for smearing (eg diving suit zips). Food and water industry standard. press on subtitle above for product details
Silicone Grease Standard
This is our Silicone Grease with widest range of applications including good dielectric properties and the biggest range of pack types that we offer at present. Food and water industry standard. press on subtitle above for product details

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