Silicone Grease E&V


Silicone Grease E&V has a stiffer consistency than our standard silicone grease and it has a wide range of electrical and electronic uses. 
High viscosity makes it suitable also as a valve and pump packing lubricant with lasting qualities.
Use also for process instruments and as a lubricant for ground glass joints and stop-cocks under vacuum conditions.

Technical Properties

Appearance is that of a firm translucent white paste          Operating temp range -40 to 200deg Celsius

Penetration: unworked = 200   worked = 270                   NGLI consistency is 2-2.5

Specific Gravity (density) is 0.98                                      Flash Point >300deg Celsius                                       

Electric Strength (IEC93) 15.4kV/mm                               Volume (IEC93) 1.4 x 1017 ohm/mm

Dielectric loss (TEC 250) at 1kHz  0.0018                         Dielectric Loss (TEC 250) at 1MHz  0.0022

Permettivity (BS 2067) at 1kHz  2.80                               Permittivity (BS2067) at 1MHz  2.84

Bleed  24hrs/100degC %w/w max 3.49                            Evaporation  24hrs/100degC %w/w max 0.57

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products