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copper anti-seize 5gm sachets
copper anti-seize 5gm sachets

copper anti-seize 5gm sachets

Bentonite clay thickened grease using solvent refined mineral oil and additives including adhesion improver and copper powder.  Effective thread lubrication prevents seizing-up of components and assemblies and facilitates dismantling for maintenance.

Main application is in threaded steel components (excluding stainless), where thread surfaces alternate, one in contact with its mating thread and the next leaving a gap.  The anti-seize, under pressure between the surfaces otherwise in contact, forms a plastic gasket, reducing the ability of low frequency vibration transmitted though the mechanism to break down surface metal, which otherwise could result in welding of the component parts.  In the alternate non-contact gaps the anti-seize prevents the ingress of gases and liquids that would result in chemical reaction/corrosion e.g. rust.

In the automotive trade anti-seize is used as an anti-squeal agent, when applied to the back of brake pads on their installation.

copper anti-seize 5gm sachets

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